Primarily I use writing as a way to make physical the way I feel. Often you’ll notice I don’t feel particularly happy but one day I’m sure things will pick up.

One of my goals is to write a song and have it performed. Unfortunately I can’t play an instrument and I feel that hinders me in my pursuit. If you’re an aspiring musician I’d love you to get in contact and maybe we can do something together.

I have never been especially good at anything. At school I was always average and never noticed by teachers or students. I had my friends but generally I was left to myself. I want to add that English was not a subject I was good at. If you see bad spelling or grammatically incorrect sentences I apologise.

As a point of interest, I like dancing (Jive, Salsa, Slow and Sensual), rollerblading, used to power kite and writing (though you could have guessed).