Your minds world

A rushed poem for a friend.

There are no walls that trap you. No prison bars that keep you away from the world. Instead you are the cage, a cage you can never escape and always take with you. But are you? Are you not free to imagine? Can you not take yourself to wondrous places or even magical worlds that only exist in colourful minds? We are all rooted somewhere but what shame if we are rooted by the limits of our own creation. Let’s escape from the world where the pressures bring us down. Where people strive for wealth and power. Where the rich bathe in pure water but don’t realise the bath is a cooking pot and where the poor look to the stars and trip on their shoelaces. Let’s go to a world where every breath is like our first and the air is crisp and clean. Where the yellow of the sun meets the blue of ocean to create mists of green. We can run across fields of heather and fall in a heap, gasping for breath taken by the laughs of joy. And when the sun hides from the moon let us talk for hours and wish on the many stars that float across the darkened sky. You can never be trapped because your soul is free to wonder, free to think and free to imagine all possibilities.


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