Corridors and Memories

Why after all this time do you still walk the corridors of my mind? Corridors that go for miles but however far you’re always in vision. I might not see you but shadows flicking in the light that remind me of how you moved. The way your body swayed when we were together and how your chest quickened at end of passion.  I wander into different rooms and I know you’ve been there. The smell of your perfume taunts me like a hidden spirit. A ghost sometimes seen but always felt. Each room you’ve left an unwanted gift. A memory, some beautiful and others distorted and horrifically ugly. Moments of our lives recorded in my brain that for a moment make me smile unknowingly. For a little while I’m there again. So, content. So, joyful. Completely unknowing it would eventually come to an end. Then I’m knocked to the floor and sucked into the ground where I fall endlessly. It’s my most loving memories that speed my journey to hell. I try to lock doors as I pass but when I wander back they seem to have unlocked again. That spirit working its supernatural magic in my mind. I shall continue to spring clean my corridors, continue to lock the doors and maybe, just maybe this spirit that plagues me will tire.


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