Tree Brief

A number of us were given a brief to write an inspirational story about trees. Here was my attempt. I may have to remove it, should it get used.

We live in a miraculous world where against the odds life exists. The tree plays a part in this epic show telling the story of beginnings, growth, partnerships and life. To think that a seed could morph into a giant tree is breath taking but it needs the ESSENTIALS to start. Without food and water a seed will never start its journey and will lay dormant. So, a creator of dreams tends to the seed and helps the roots to push deep. With a solid foundation, a tree can GROW, its leaves basking in the sun and its branches reaching for the sky. Working together in SYNERGY and in a nurturing environment the tree gives LIFE to all around. It becomes a home to others, gives us air to breathe and sceneries that light up memories. When you think of a tree, don’t be complacent. They live as we should. Partnerships grown by working together, fuelled by mutual understanding and established on fundamental knowledge.


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