Disturbed, The Sound of Silence

Not based on the original but the Disturbed version

When you realise what you mean
Revealed to you the perfect scene
A kiss beneath the dim moonlight
The longest hug with arms so tight
I want and hope we’ll continue making dreams
Everyday because I love you only.

To try explain the way I feel
It’s your heart I try to steal
You hear the words but block meaning
And in turn you halt that loving feeling

I represent stars
From the worlds that are never seen
Explosions been
Although I love you only

The way you move just touches me
Emotional why can’t you see
I’d save you from burning buildings
Give my life to see you healing

I would stop the Earth
To have you freeze in time
If you were mine
Because I love you only

There is a pain you feel inside
a pain you find hard to hide
Let me help you start the mending
Use the love that I am sending
Don’t deny, please open up to me
Together we can love each only.

Ignore words that people say
They’ve no right so don’t obey.
My intentions are kind and clear
I love you so don’t live in fear

I once had said
The words that I’m saying
keep falling from your listening ears
Fills me with tears
All because I love you only

Disturbed: The Sound of Silence (Official Video)


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