Wrong, It’s Like a Grave

And so.
To liken life to a roller-coaster
would be, in my opinion
highly incorrect.
Life is more like
the making of a grave.
Digging hard against
the course stone.
huge rocks that seem
Sure, eventually
the rock may budge.
But remember, you
are still tunnelling down.
I’d liken the body
to a budget spade.
After all
we are all imperfect.
Our faults
more weakened
by life
You enjoy the smooth
earth as the spade edge
cuts through it. But
you are waiting.
Waiting for the sharp spasm
that shoots through
the handle and blunts
the blade.
If you’re lucky,
a blunt blade is it.
But I fear there are
many rocks.
I fear a blunt blade,
a splintered handle
and I’m left twisted
in the grave I’ve made.

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