To Beauty

I know words from strangers
however the harmless intent.
Instil sour and miss trust
despite it’s honourable content.
So with my heart I write
but with my head decline.
To whisper her sweet graces
or watch her dance divine.
Oh how her beauty moves
like sun rays through skies,
the ripples over lakes
or when a swan flies.
As she twists and turns
with her make believe ribbon.
The greys turn to colour
to reveal the things hidden.
My mind forgets her name
but imprinted is her face.
I could spend a life time
listing all her good grace.
So accept these kind words
I want nothing in return.
And if we shall speak
it’s your name I wish to learn.
Have fun while you’re dancing
and enjoy your time and space.
I think I might sit back
while other guys take chase.

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