CANT THINK fof anythng

I don’t remember writing this. I was quite drunk.
I’m walkin home
and singing a song
or mumblings to invisble ear
the shots ive drunk
keeping me warm
mixed with alcohle
of beer.
And though inside Im saddened
that your with snother guy
I can onyl keep looking foeward
and say to you goobye.
lookign to the sky
as i drag my feet along.
tome is getting Late
ive jut hear the clock go bong.
Now rather than being sad
im twisted hard inside
bceause after all this time
i have now reakised.
It has all failed
despite how i tried.
there was never ever a chance]]
yiu would ever be my bride
i wish you both good lukvk
god knwos youll need it
you never bloody trusted
you sodding great tit.
could of been so good
if you olyy stopped and chilld
our heartsfull of joy
and happiness filled-dF

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