There was a time
feels long ago
where everyday
went with the flow
But that was then
and this is now
I don’t know why
I don’t know how
I am weak
I am sad
I miss the
things I once had
I’d spin the earth
the wrong way round
can only hope
that I am found.
I’m blind drunk
Fall to the ground
My heart pumps
without a sound
Look to the stars
Clouds in the way
My heart screams
and still I lay
I am weak…
If help arrives
after I die
another star
up in the sky.
without a pair
I’m all alone
I’ll fall from god
just like a stone
I am weak…
Our lives are short
with start and end
could stop living
without a friend
try to get up
try to be strong
try to make life
happy and long
I am weak…

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