Tormented, tortured and teased by my thoughts.
Can’t think clearly as every ounce of moisture in my body
gathers and collects in my head waiting to poor through my eyes.
Every part of my body tingles and throbs like I’m being compressed
into the black hole in my heart.
I wonder if I’d prefer to be squeezed to oblivion and exist only in memory
or waste my time trying to escape.
When not even light at its great speed and little substance can escape such a force
what is the point of trying.
Maybe beyond the outside, inside is a never ending tunnel with infinite time.
Having my life replayed to me forever until all that’s left is a shell of a soul.
I should try and escape despite the punity of it so I can make more mistakes.
Make more people disappointed.
Make myself disappointed.
If I could choose to be numb from it all, I would.
But the faces of some friends I see around me belonging to demons
cause me too much pain to hide.
The know it alls, the opportunist vultures that scavenge the damned.
People who make beliefs without knowing the facts just to make themselves feel better.
The world is full of monsters and I can assure you of this.
The worst monster of all is the one inside everyone of us.
But the most terrible of monsters are the ones who don’t realise it.
We might all be damned some more than others.
I at least know the content of my heart
and the thoughts in my head.
Every part of it good or bad accepted or accepted unwillingly.


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