My heart. No difference.

The girl with the sweetest smile,
who’s eyes shine like the stars.
I write my feelings in poem form
and reveal to you my scars.
I am what I am and you are what you are
but I ponder with immense intense.
Is a greater force punishing me?
And is loosing you my penance?
To have you close and in my arms
and feel your soothing skin.
To be face to face and smell your hair
would make my soul sing.
I’ve made you frown and made you cry
and shown you no remorse.
When I think back to those times now
each tear makes me feel coarse.
Is it too late to win your heart,
the love I had and lost.
We disagreed with insanity.
Our long lasting love the cost.
Things I’ve said when in the heat
I never meant a word.
Please forgive my misguided tongue,
from little dick face turd.
Remember together being strange and weird
our inner child coming out.
Bubba loobie moments and silly tourettes
in Sainsburys we f f f f fucking shout.
I do not know the future ahead,
you might be with someone new.
And if you’re certain of happiness
I will surely leave you two.
But no one knows what is to come
and everyday is a test.
In every hour of every week
I’ll try to do my best.

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