The Coffee Shop

I wrote this for two friends sitting together in a coffee shop. They were unaware of my poem until they went to leave and I gave it to them. Turns out one of them was Jackie Malton (A woman who was high in the metropolitan police and Prime Suspect was based around her)
There are times I wish I were someone else
or wish my problems away.
But we should be glad of who we are
as I learnt having coffee one day.
Don’t think that I had widen ears
to listen with deep intent.
It’s quiet here in the coffee shop
and I have no friend to vent.
We all have problems big and small
In my head I know this is true
But sometimes I forget this fact
until I sat next to you.
So like yesterday and the day before
I’ll battle with courage and might
To look at my problems objectively
and smile when end insight
Thank you both for sitting close
and making me to realise.
Deal with my problems with confidence
as the little time we have flies.

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