A stranger sits alone in a park
its mid autumn and getting dark
the elements blow across his face
yet he sits with cold embrace

the wiry arms of the trees
alike skeletal heart as soul flees
he cannot feel, he’s inward numb
his senses gone, blind, deaf and dumb

walkers pass the still statue
their gaze unwanted, passes through
and though he sits in plain site
only god sees him being smite

the saddest song you could hear
could not make him cry a tear
all that makes this stranger man
poured from his body like empty can

no one asks this hollow shell
about the story he might tell
I imagine what it could be
hope same things don’t come to me

example. What is your best friends name?
now actually say it in your brain.
I ask again but say it aloud
stop reading……………..

picture said person on the floor
they could be at deaths grey door
shot by a gun or heart attack
no bad things get taken back

make your choice to ask the sad
the things that make them feel bad
crap things can happen to you too
and others might not have a clue


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